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4 December 2015
Hey there.
Nothing much to say about the game or my projects, if you have read my recent journal, I've stopped working on my projects a while ago now because I was unable to keep up with a lot of events, and basically, I have a life to take care of (myself...) and have decided to give up on developing games, until I have more time and money to invest in.

This said, one of my friends have decided to live off her passion and is willing to try what she can to succeed. She has helped me before, and therefore I hope what I'm doing now will help her out too. She create interactive stories (Visual Novels). If you like these kind of stories, maybe you would be interested? :)
Her website is here :
And her patreon is here :

Have a nice day :)

Because of unexplicable reasons, people have started cheating in the game. to ensure everyone not playing by the rules of the game are caught, everyone is now banned. Thanks for your understanding.
April fools server update have been removed and game data and player status have returned back to normal.

The server has been updated to let Aurore replay and review your scores. Expect your miner icon to become chromatic rather than grayscaled in the coming days/weeks (the older your highscore the longer)

- If your replay icon becomes chromatic, then approval was successful.
- If your replay icon becomes a question mark, it means that Aurore can't tell if your score is synced or not because the approval module have crashed during the verification. I'll investigate and eventually fix the code, and try again.
- If your replay icon turn yellow it means that some kind of desync issue has occured, i'll investigate eventually and will have a look quickly if that's your best score. If I cannot get your score to be validated through Aurore, I will review it myself.
- If your replay icon turn red, it means Aurore approval module reported your game couldn't have possibly been played without flagrant use of hacks or/and cheats. Depending on the situation, your account may be restricted and your achievements removed.

current approval glitches:
- Using Pinkie Pie cause Aurore IO to crash. Fixed
- Successfully rescuing a pony in a replay cause Aurore to crash Fixed
- Oversight causing a crash during approval when finding items from corpses Fixed
- English message for Aurore approval is missing. Z will say the message in french.
- Aurore IO may run out of memory if replay lasts for about 30 minutes. If this happen you'll also get another (?) as replay icon.

Update is now allowing the server to send names with the replay much more efficiently, without lag. depth column was also replaced with death type.

Possibly as a result of an explosive popularity, the server connection was shut down for a while. The only solution was a forced cooldown, and I do not exclude the chance of it for happening again.
I'll begin making backups, just in case!
fletching the name of users from any quantity of replay is extremely slow, therefore I temporary disabled it. The name and status of the user who have submitted a replay will therefore appear to be missing for now.

Update (november 29):
- Fix for Hyper ventilation ability bubble showing at start
- Possible award for finding the final key inside the room of doom may now be more useful*
- Several countdowns are stopped upon death
- Density and High density abilities no longer increase the score requirements
- Music now plays properly after pausing
- Fix for normal mode unavailable in offline mode
- Surefooted ability now still works if you mount the pony.*
- Fix for Octavia Melody sprites
- Chat messages are now much more reliable.
- The rock ladder at the bottom of hard mode now generates all the way to the previous sector.*
- You'll now find a lot more diamonds inside the boulders of the last sector.*
- Something else will (or rather, may) kill you if you accept a particular offer in the game.

Fixes indicated with a * may desync existing replays.

Server update (november 27)
- Added account restriction system
°Players who cheat will now see their account restricted to a non-competitive use.
°Restricted accounts can't save replays and therefore lose all progress each time the account is loaded
°If you want to cheat "safely" so I don't remove your progress and that amazing 2147483647 score you just made: Click on the bottom left square to browse account option and click OFFLINE MODE. This way, the app will not warn me when you're doing nasty things. This option is also there for that.

Update (november 25):
- Surefooted now works correctly and is an ability of Applejack rather than Pinkie Pie
- Physic break now works as intended and is an ability of Pinkie Pie rather than Applejack
- Fixed sonic rainboom that could cause undefined score under certain circumstances
- Hyper ventilation now works correctly
- Air bubbles correctly display
- Air bubbles of pony no longer flash red since its only purpose is to refill your own
- Hyperventilation now works correctly and air transfer works correctly
- Super radar no longer freeze if the combo is disabled
- Pinkie pie no longer use her unique fall animation under water (she will swim like everypony else)

Known bugs - bugs in bold mean i'll be updating the game soon because of it
- In online mode, unlocking one of the secret characters will not allow you to access the relevant selection button in the partner choosing page. (Any of the relevant data regarding unlocking this partner will still save.)
- It takes two hits from punches (Hydrolic fist) of hooves (Bucking) to dislodge snow, while one hit only is supposed to be enough.
- Some french translation texts are missing (cursed offer) or not behaving correctly (achievement icons)
- The game have problems listing treasures obtained in a replay preview.
- Starting credit of replays is always zero (may cause desyncs)
- Sonic Rainboom is a passive ability of Moin rather than a mounted ability from Rainbow Dash
- Any achievements obtained from any game, including replays (and including replays you didn't make!!!) will carry over to the next game. As a results, browsing replays you didn't make have been disabled for now.
- If the game fails one try to send a message in the chat, the counter of tries won't reset (undefined behavior, such as wrong update message, will occur afterward)
- Sweetie Drop's Extra Life ability search for a Fluttershy Icon to display the recharge timer.
- Drowning in oil will incorrectly be counted as a water death.
- If you're slippery and mounting a pony who isn't, your pony can still slide.
- Excessive nuke damage can freeze the game (possibly the same bug that caused you to freeze after excessive gas explosion - I will investigate) - most likely caused by a stack overflow that isn't traced. I will test this.
- The staff of stasis has no effect. The effect it should have is given by another item in the game. [This bug has been here since Miner Disturbance: Hyper volcano V0.8, congratulation to Kyle2Death for this find]

The time has come.
Finally, finally, it's done. The most advanced miner disturbance remake&ponification I have ever made, the largest and most complex Flash game I have ever created, the most sophisticated server I've developed.
Can it be worthy of a MLP Ponification game? You decide.

Be careful, this flash app can be pretty CPU intensive. May require a fast computer to run properly without too much FPS drop.
Be careful, this flash app may use a lot of memory for caching data.
Note: On some browsers, you may experience command lag. Post if you have problems that is really annoying and i'll see what I can do.

Now I'm pretty proud on how far I pushed the development of this thing. But the time and the money I've spent in this makes me want to cry.

Version 4 update:

Update list:

- Added community room, allowing you to chat with anyone and get your replay keys.
- It is now mandatory to complete the tutorial before proceeding.
- HUD can show more info with F2, be disabled with F3 (and returned to normal with F1)
- Dramatically extended the statistic system. Most of you will certainly never figure how many achievements they are on their own.
- Statistic icons representing an achievement you've got are now painted in blue rather than green so it is less "aggressive".
- Added player tiering. Your miner tier is relative to how many achievement you have completed.
- Custom volcano engine through option code, thought I don't plan on using it at the moment...
- Added pre-level sale. Much like in the original game and in MDHV hard mode, you can now purchase items on entry. You can also save your credits for later (Z would generally advise you not to)
- The pony-less mode was extended so players who has a pony haters should theorically be able to play a pony-less version in the future. "Theorically".
- Replay system through option code. In comparison to V2, your replays are automatically sent and you can share your replay key with anyone you want.
- Account settings: Server based save and custom name.
- Highscore table and player ranking.
- Added option for offline play. This disable most features of the game but allows you to play with no internet connection required.
- Added arrows from the official miner disturbance game, when pressing space key, to tell you where you can mine.
- Added tutorial instructions for players who enjoy skiping Z messages but then don't know what to do.
- Added background blue/purple sky starfield.
- Fix for "EXTRA LIFE" ability misbehaving in certain situations (Thanks razorsharpfang)
- Fix for giving up still counting Twilight Sparkle as unlocked in tutorial
- Fix for super radar combo ability interruption, which caused the arrows to "freeze" instead of smoothly disappearing.
- Fix for tutorial game message from Z that could still be cast several minutes after a game over.
- Bucking / Punching the shop walls will no longer collapse it and create strange behavior
- Fixes for the shield of Miss Phorj
- Cells containing lava are now very bright
- Fluttershy was given the "MIND READER" ability (If tips are enabled, Z will explain what's up with that if you pick her as partner.)
- Rainbow Dash was given the "FAST PACE" ability
- "PARTY CANNONING" ability and Rock blaster powerup now state you need to press SHIFT to fire.
- Z now give extra comments about various things.
- The 35k offer for collecting 10 diamonds have been removed.
- Ice plasma container resistance over disturbance stuff has been increased in about 60%
- A (not so well) hidden square container will now appear in the volcano for curious players.
- The full normal volcano has been released. As a result:
° You may now reach the bottom of the volcano and gain access to a new sectors with a lot of diamonds.
° It is now possible to gain all items in the game
° It is now possible to purchase all offers in the game
° The condemned zone has been removed and has been replaced by the cursed zone.
° Expect highscores of 600k+
- Loads and loads of fixes and stuff and implementations.

Updates relative to the complete beta:
- Four extra-6 characters had their name changed. (Berry Punch is now Berryshine, Lyra was extended to Lyra Heartstrings, Derpy Hooves was shortened to Derpy, and Octavia was extended to Octavia Melody)
- Additionnal planed characters are now unlockable
- 6M-CMEC is now unlockable if you're a platinum player or a beta tester.
- DJ PON-3 and Octavia requirements are more realistics in this version.
- Berryshine has been added the "UNSTEADY" ability
- Density abilities no longer affect score related conditions. (it also means that "minimum score" conditions now require you to get the score you would need without Density abilities.) Bonus points obtained through trading now also get affected by the multipliers.

Updates relative to the replay system from V2.0 onward:
- Replay information data has been extended to include more details, including a few you can freely see (treasures collected)
- The replay system now properly end the game when it should, when the player purposely give up during the recording.
- Fixed a desync problem relative to what ponies you have unlocked from the beginning of the replay (It wasn't possible to see the replays anyway, but I'm glad I fixed it)
- The desync relative to the rock blaster should not occur, it was caused by the replay doing a check on your actual keyboard (Basically you could resync a replay by pressing SHIFT when you were re-firing and desync any other replay by holding down shift after they started using the rock blaster)

Updates relative to Miner Disturbance: Hyper Volcano lite
- Gas explosion check logic was changed slightly, it now checks the gas presence in only one of the central 8x8 dots rather than how many 8x8 dots was here in the 32x32 cell. Overall it now looks very accurate
- It is no longer possible for gas to explode in water
- lava will no longer make gas explode. That is, unless something else was added to the mix.
- Explosion kill myths as they should
- A pick up animation was added for the remote controled bomb
- The logic behind water pressure was added and it should now work like the original version did (basically, water levels over a single lake tends to adjust themselves)
- Snow now use the graphics from the original miner disturbance game
- Blowing up snow now properly generate water
- More sounds were imported
- Big rework for the myth AI. There should still be a few difference, but expect them to be really dangerous now.
- Two of the new powerups are exclusive to this version and might be used for custom volcanoes, one of which should become pretty handy if you are trying to deal with lava.

Info relative to miner disturbance (about mechanisms ported to this game)
- No eruption lava (sorry!)
- Oil that unstick do not overide existing cells in this version.
- There are a few outlining differences (very late addition). It is also imperfect and can contain "holes" because of the procedure I used to cache these. (Outlining is used to render the characters where it would be otherwise hard or impossible to see)
- Oil does not affect the jetpack reload time.

Server info:
I've spent way too much time on it as well. All of this network upgrade was supposed to go into my future Strawberry Milk project, but since the concept was pretty similar, I decided to start out by actually upgrading this one.
Fused from V2.0 and V3.3, with added features and options, along with new more flexible communication protocol.
Yup, the php and mysql server are also my own work.

Donating info
A link is available here. Contributors to any projects are remembered across all games I make and will get special advantages in the future. 
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Twippledash Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
Yay! :D (Big Grin)  That last achievement had been taunting me for way too long already, but not anymore; I finally managed to get over 1 million points!
deskjethp Featured By Owner Edited Jan 27, 2016
Based on climbing speeds (3.0666 height/sec vertical hooks, 3.7 height/sec with ideal ladder), an ideal escape with a perfect ladder with the key would take about 61 seconds from the upper corner (landing area) of the room of doom to the rope. This leaves 36 (or 48) seconds left to escape the room of doom to its upper corner.

If you climbed straight up the side from the corner to the rope at 3.066 height/sec that would take an additional 10.88 = ~11 seconds (~72 total vs ~61) to escape versus a perfect ladder starting 23 height above the landing area, which would leave only 25 (or 37) seconds to escape the room of doom.

Possible? Yes, especially if allowed a full 109 seconds. With 97 seconds, it would probably be close.
Nyan-Mining Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
2.15M! I did it :D That took quite a while to do, but 2M is absolutely possible!
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016
Got1123 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 25, 2016
This is to extreme but what if no jetpack? Congratulations on this epic score. This is going to be hard to contest. Also the second 100k shop offer I think only sells if you pick up the key. Maybe just maybe there's still more to explore? High Score URL for hardmode if anyone knows?
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016
Right here :

Yes. After seeing his replay, it crossed my mind - Getting the two 100K bonuses may even be possible. with the key, that would have been a 2.5M run.

Getting the key without a pegasus would be a chore though. Even with a jetpack, you still need to dig down and the pony can't fly when doing that, so you would need perfect timing...

Unless your non-pegasus partner is called Rarity, that is.
Got1123 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016
Well 846,150 with Rainbow Dash. 57 Diamonds! Certainly didn't beat BlitzDashi's score but its a new personal best (Prev. 806,700. 51 Diamonds!). Also Time Control, there has to be a much more clearer hint.
deskjethp Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016
Nice! I've yet  to break 800k with RD. I've gotten only in the lower 700k range I think. I don't know about that timing thing either. It's something to do with Applejack... ? Which means it's either something to do with either the bucking thing or the hardhat thing. I've tried bucking with and without the fist, bucking damaged dirt into damaged dirt, bucking falling dirt, bucking dirt into damaged dirt, bucking damaged dirt into a pacman, and stuff like that. No results. Maybe it has something to do with the hard hat and falling through lava..? I'm not sure. Thoughts?
Nyan-Mining Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016
Nice Job :)
Nyan-Mining Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
I just made a personal best of 1,878,975 in the Hard Mode Volcano. It was a lot of fun.
deskjethp Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016
Wow! That's awesome! you're making it look easy, doing 1.8m twice now. That's really good! Do you think 2m is possible? How many diamonds did you have? How do you avoid oil so well? It's pretty much everywhere in that pre-sand layer.
Nyan-Mining Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
Also, my starting is Dynamite and Grease-Proof suit. (It was Dynamite and Crampons, but I don't need the crampons, so I thought using the Grease-Proof Suit would get myself through the Pre-Sand layer without having to cause explosions and digging alternative paths because oil got in the way).
Nyan-Mining Featured By Owner Edited Jan 19, 2016
2M is probably possible, but I'm not too sure, you'd need 516,667 or more then grab the warm charm (I had 473,000 when I got it) after that go to the shop to buy the 100,000*1.5=150,000 points to make 666,667 then escape to get the x3 and therefore have a total of 2,000,001 points. 105 diamonds on escape. On avoiding the oil I got around it by either blowing it up, making room for it to collect in an area I won't be mining in, or hoping it wouldn't get in the way too much (I got covered in oil while escaping one time and died with 400K :( ). I might try for 2M tomarrow after school.
Nyan-Mining Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
Congrats on 150K total plays! :)
Got1123 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016
Like in Hyper Volcano Lite will we see custom volcanos, mount Magros, and/or the super volcano?
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Edited Jan 13, 2016
I'm still considering my options. Having to put an end to my projects was pretty unfortunate, and this game has so much potential.
I don't know when I'll be able to create more contents.

For now, what I can say is that your help is really comforting. Thanks you, I've upgraded your rank to Platinum player. :)

(The previous platinum player rank has been removed, so the total amount of platinum stays at 1)
wilnet1tractor Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016
sarahsrisuppak Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Um, sorry, i haven't played this for a long time and i forgot how to get rainbow dash... lol..
I've remember that i always ask this question when i was 9, but i'm 11 xD
Live4Chaos Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
If you dig down fast enough, a timer will appear, continue digging down to a sufficiant depth and if the timer disappears before it runs out, you've unlocked Rainbow Dash.  Return to the store and buy her for 205 credits. taking a short cut through the cave with the shop seems to help out alot. Easiest to get with Fluttershy and a jetpack

Flikaline Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Student General Artist
I choked right after I got the gas mask, how does that work?
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
it works like the aqua-lung in this version. You survive in gas for longer.

You have to get out of gas and let your air refill for it to be really effective. :)
Live4Chaos Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
BlitsProg I have a problem ... I played with rainbow , and reach the bottom of the hard volcano , and (FINALY!!) unlock Colgate's shop offert, but Im lose Because my pony was dead ...
the code= 1I6N81AE
PD: sorry for my bad english
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Edited Nov 11, 2015
Welcome to the deepest parts of the game where I didn't have time to fully program and test everything... only one player out of 400 get that far. :D

This happen because I forgot to tell the game to explicitly teleport your partner. I'm sorry about this.
I tested this feature exclusively by having the pony mounted, which resets the pony coordinates to match yours every frame, that's why I missed it. It should work when you mount your pony!
Also note that unlocking in online mode will save the achievement but the game will forget to allow you to play with her. Same thing here: only tested in offline mode before I set up the server. Playing with Colgate is only possible in offline mode.
Live4Chaos Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015
thanks ^.^
and please fix that
GearTheArbok Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015
Thanks for clearing that path in the tutorial for us, BlitzProg. The game would be impossible without you!
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015
No problem! :)
GearTheArbok Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015
Oh, and a favor... My username in the game is TummyRubs but I lost my ID number... Can you send me a note with it?
Silverstream124 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Yay! 100,000 games were played!
Silverstream124 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Congrats on 100,000 games played! (Dunno if it's just me but I got a message saying that you've reached 100,000 games)
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015
These messages are sent by the server. I should definitively remove these notifications when I have time... This was achieved more than a year ago - since then lots have happened and the project itself has collapsed.

It was good fun, too bad I couldn't keep up.
Nyan-Mining Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
Yay! OmniPotent :)
sarahsrisuppak Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
I'm back again! i don't know where are all my 2 friends are! i think they're gone! or maybe not..
BrightsideJames Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015
Is it just me or does this look a little better. I did not want to say anything sooner thinking it is just me.
Kyle2Death Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
Well I got a new computer and the game is faster now. I am going to play it more as a result.
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Edited Aug 19, 2015
I've installed the lastest version of monkey X, which has a lot of new natives features I previously had to simulate the hard way for my little miner (the game currently draw a rectangle for each dot of lava/water/gas and manually add white dots to frozen water, which is extremely cpu intensive.

It's interesting, because this should mean performance boosts, and may also open full porting to other machines such as android (which was only possible with very limited features on this version). :)
TheCraZcat Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015
By the way, I just pulled off a sonic rainboom. :D
TheCraZcat Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015
Took me some effort, but I just got Rarity, and by extension, finished the Mane 6. (Glad I figured out how to get the watch so quickly, that was really helpful.) Anyway, Nice project, BlitzProg! :)
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
If the game had game credits, you'd get them at that point. ;)

Well done - I've watched the relevant replay, and it was a very nice and fast escape.
TheCraZcat Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015
Thank you, Blitz.  :) (Now I just have to figure out how to get everypony else).  Any chance other characters from the show (like Flitter and Bulk Biceps) will enter the game too? I know you're not doing many updates right now but I like having things to look forward to.
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015
No, I do not plan on adding more characters for now. The main goal is to acquire copyright safety on this game, after which i'll be able to add many things to it! For now I'm slowly coding a replay-search feature to use with the replay watcher (which has silently been released for testing to a few members :p)

There are currently a total of 13 unlockable characters, the secret one being only playable offline because of a glitch. Derpy being the easiest to find (I've even heard of some players getting the shopkeeper to offer her before fluttershy)
sarahsrisuppak Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Anyone help me? i lost everything... even my score.. and ranks.. any helps? no? okay.. :-( (Sad) 

Hey! how do i get rainbow dash again? i can't remember still :P
(Explain what do i do and where do i go)
BlitzProg Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2015
Sometimes, when you have a work almost ready, you can't seem to have the motivation to finish it off. That's the case for me, I feel like I'm carrying several big weights and not sure how to deal with this. So I delay stuff, again and again.

The reason for this lack of motivation, things are not going so good for me. The internship i've been on for six month last year (that completely ate all of my free time back then) was entirely trashed because of a single bad mark. my first C++ training session that followed up was also failed - add love issues (Girlfriend breaking up) on top of that, all of this highly damaged my productivity. But i'm slowly healing up...

As such I really can't make any promise on how long it will take for me to update anything, nor if i'm actually going to update. All I can tell is, I'm still alive behind the scenes and, despite appearances, coding a lot.

List of things I'm currently on:
- OCaml Training session
- New Graphicset for MLM: DiM
- A Multiplayer TCP game using Websocket (you load the page, you're in the game)
Kyle2Death Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015
Well that is sad to read. I was wondering were you are. I hope things get better soon. :3
sarahsrisuppak Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Heh, it's Sarah :3
well, i've seen your videos that you've played on minecraft right? yeaaaaaah....
TuffyLive Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
:iconkyle2death::iconsay3plz:Still alive?
Kyle2Death Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
I'm still here. Wish blitzprog did something. :P
sarahsrisuppak Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Wait WHAT!? he didn't do anything.. uhh
yeah, i'm gonna say that luna is my REAL in real life name :P
sarah was just my new in real life name. gr.
now i'm 10 years old (almost 11) woooo!!!
TuffyLive Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
No, I always expect you to come here or still here (because same reason as I) XD

But yes, seriously, I really wish blitzprog just came here and say something.
I heard he still developing on Luna (since I saw his update on Luna firing Pinkie's cannon)
But I'm still not sure what he up to.
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